Who is Quelch Town Planning Planning Applications VCAT Appeals Planning Enforcement


Quelch Town Planning is your special agent in land use and development. It is our goal to get a planning permit approved from your local council as quickly as possible for (among others) the following:

  • Construction of minor buildings and works, including fences, water tanks, and retaining walls.
  • Construction of farm buildings, sheds, carports and garages.
  • Construction of Dependent Person’s Units and other outbuildings.
  • Construction of dwelling extensions, upper level additions and decks.
  • Construction of new dwellings and associated outbuildings.
  • Construction of second dwellings, multi-unit developments, and apartments.
  • Residential, rural, commercial, and industrial subdivisions.
  • Change of use (e.g. Winery, Medical Centre, Office, Retailing and Industry).
  • Car parking variations, particularly in association with the use of a Restaurant.
  • Sale and consumption of Liquor, including extension of hours or licensed area.
  • Variation or removal of restrictive covenants. 
  • Establishment of existing use rights (e.g. second dwelling in the Green Wedge Zone).
  • Vegetation removal.